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Over 100 Years of Quality

For 5 Generations

For over 100 years, one thing has remained constant — our commitment to growing the best apples possible. Throughout the year, we keep a careful watch on our trees and maintain them with the latest growing techniques. Every winter each one of our 300,000 trees is trimmed by hand. In the spring we bring in over 400 hives of bees to help pollinate our crop, and we also keep a close watch on the weather in order to fend off any potential threats of frost. In 1956, our third generation made us the first orchard to utilize wind machines as an effective deterrent. We understand the importance of keeping our trees happy!

It’s our commitment to making sure every tree grows as strong as possible that produces the consistent quality of apples for which we are known. Our apples are available for Pick Your Own at Apple Hill, for purchase by the box on our website, and at your local grocer.